If you are serious about shattering your financial glass ceiling and ready to transform breakdowns into financial breakthroughs then please apply for a  complimentary 60-minute “Breakthrough To Prosperity” coaching session. There are only five spots available and you will receive an application once you opt-in and get your free copy of The 10 Pillars of Feminine Financial Intelligence.™ During the session we will discover your unique path to prosperity, clear any blocks limiting your income, activate your Feminine Financial Intelligence, and design your unique feminine money making strategy for 2019. This session is designed for the conscious woman who is ready to realize her bold goals and visions, move beyond just having enough money to make ends meet and excited about building limitless life-long wealth.  Be sure to opt-in to get your application and free gift.

About Julie Steelman

Julie SteelmanJulie Steelman earned her way out of the corporate world at the young age of 47 by discovering a unique feminine financial intelligence that all women can easily learn to access, creating a new style of feminine earning power. Based on her wildly successful experience, Julie developed an innovative income amplification system that allowed her to generate more than $100 million in advertising revenue during the rise and rapid expansion of internet commerce. Julie’s powerful courses and coaching programs are designed to revolutionize women’s relationship to money that result in a healthy self-worth that leads to robust net worth. She is deeply committed to women worldwide shattering their financial glass ceilings and learning the skills that allow them to boldly manifest their visions and create limitless life-long wealth. She believes that financial affluence is vital for freedom of expression and creating a meaningful legacy with a woman’s values integrated into her financial beliefs, strategy and philanthropy. Julie’s highly compassionate approach to teaching women to generate money the feminine way is due to her unique blend of financial experience, commitment to living a spiritually abundant life, and training in the supportive environment women need for sustained transformation of their lives. She is a certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and has had a 25 year-career in global, iconic brand corporate sales. Julie also authored a highly praised book for female entrepreneurs, The Effortless Yes and is the creator of the Effortless Selling System.

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