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November 1, 2023 | 2:00pm PST

Discover the proven formula for The Ultimate Income Break

Hey, Beautiful!

You've achieved incredible things, but deep down, you know there's more to explore—a breakthrough that leads to financial security and the freedom to choose your path.

Money has become a source of stress, and you're convinced it's the culprit. It's like the “unstable income syndrome” has kicked in and getting the results you want has been hard.

Do you ever wonder if your soul's calling can also be a lucrative business? The path to a thriving business doing what you love might seem like a fantasy.

The Real Issue:
Here's the truth: Money isn't your true roadblock.

It's something deeper—an absence of self-belief in your genuine earning potential. Imagine if you could boost your income by 10%, 20%, or even an impressive 30%+.

What you need is a proven formula!
Think about the difference such an increase could make in your life. Envision confidently saying "YES" to more opportunities and up-leveling financially. It's an empowering vision, isn't it?

Get Your Income Breakthrough.
You're invited to be a part of this transformative training. I’m here to guide you in unlocking your financial freedom, nurturing a prosperous mindset, and crafting a stable income while pursuing your passions.

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Julie's coaching was the catalyst that helped me triple my income and go from 6 to 7 figures easily and sustain it.


I made over $250,000 within a week of finding hidden money in my business! Now I can do the things that matter.”


My profit went from 1.5% to over 40% by making some simple changes that took my business into the stratosphere. Julie’s coaching works!


I tripled the revenue from an enrollment event in less then 60 days using everything Julie taught me.


Julie helped me streamline my business, stop giving so much away and showed me the most lucrative way to boost my sales.” 


In this live class

learn how to...

Have a radical  prosperity shift.

Design a prosperous biz model.

Triple your income & success.

I'm Julie Steelman, a multi-millionaire who earned my way out of Corporate America at the age of 47 financially free so I could pursue my entrepreneurial passions. 

I longed to show women like you how to have the ultimate prosperity breakthrough in addition to pursue my passion for wildlife photography. 

I couldn't resist the temptation to impact a generation of women to break free from money stress so you could have the kind of self trust that would triple your success!

Here's the truth, if women like you could run a profitable business aligned with your values and create financial freedom in a feminine way, you could easily have the impact this world needs. 

YES! What I know to be true, after coaching so many women into personal success, when you invest and commit to a radical prosperity shift, you can accelerate your income and have the success that gives you a purpose-forward life.

I want that for you! 

Julie Steelman is the coach to work with for purpose-driven women wanting to create financial freedom on their own terms. She holds an extraordinary vision for women's financial liberation and empowerment and has created her unique "Feminine Financial Freedom Formula" to accelerate stunning results for her clients. I recommend working with her to be catalyzed, activated and championed into your financial destiny and greatest contribution. 


Ph.D. Founder, The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership

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