Fast forward through three decades in the corporate jungle, where I generated a cool $100 million for giants like Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, and more. I was a (deeply spiritual) woman in a (suit-wearing, small sports car-driving) man's world, and I owned it. My secret? Balancing integrity, wild instinct, resourcefulness and self-trust to pave my path to freedom.

Now, I've got a treasure trove of wisdom to share. Imagine unlocking your financial independence and embracing your life's purpose through your business. 
I'm here to be your ally because, sister, we need your unique brilliance more than ever. The system won't carry us, but your gifts will. 

Today, I travel the world as a wildlife advocate and photographer, and run a thriving business merging animal wisdom with money medicine for feminine entrepreneurs like you. My real mission is disrupting mindsets, empowering women, and raising a billion dollars for planet-forward causes.

With a Master's in spiritual psychology, certification as a feminine power coach, published author, course leader, and podcast host, I'm here to help you become a wildly successful feminine badass. Let's rewrite your story because no one owns you, and you hold the keys to the future.

"I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” 


Fun facts

about me

I helped launch the internet into what it is today.

I retired from corporate at 47 financially free.

I've been to Africa 14 times and go at least once a year.

I once spent 90 days walking with wild cheetahs.

I am an international award winning wildlife photographer

I lived on the big island of Hawaii for 10 years and was the first person to ever film tropical killer whales underwater.

Tune in to the Prosperous Feminine Podcast, where my mission is to empower a new generation of female entrepreneurs like yourself to not only thrive but also make a profound impact, all while eliminating money as a barrier to your extraordinary success.

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