You are invited to my monthly 60-minute content rich, money-fear-busting live training for feminine entrepreneurs like you who are done with over-giving and under-earning. Each training is unique and we dive into topics like, cutting edge ways to run a highly profitable feminine business, how to regulate your nervous system for financial success and unlock what's in the way of you having your ultimate income breakthrough.

Discover the magic that happens when all 8 areas of prosperity align in YOUR business. Secure your income, amplify your earning potential, and pave the way for financial security with significant impact. These masterclasses are your keys to success, opening the door to abundant compensation for your gifts. Don't wait, sign up for our next session now!

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Are you ready to unlock your path to financial freedom? Join me for a transformative Income Accelerator Session designed exclusively for women like you who are ready to fast track your business success.

In just 45 minutes, we'll conduct a mini-business assessment. You'll gain valuable insights tailored to your unique journey. Plus, I'll share a sizzling-hot, actionable tip you can implement right away!

I understand that booking a session can feel scary, but rest assured, this is a safe space where your dreams and aspirations are my top priority. Together, we'll explore if working together longer term to accelerate your income and fulfill your dreams is the right fit. Don't let fear hold you back from taking the first step towards the business you desire. Click now to reserve your complimentary Income Accelerator Session and step into creating sustainable income and financial security. It starts with you saying yes.

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I made over $250,000 within a week of finding hidden money in my business! Now I can do the things that matter.”


My profit went from 2% to over 40% by making some simple changes that took my business into the stratosphere. Julie’s coaching works!


I tripled the revenue from an enrollment event in less then 60 days using everything Julie taught me.


Julie helped me streamline my business, stop giving so much away and showed me the most lucrative way to boost my sales.” 


Julie Steelman is the coach to work with for purpose-driven women wanting to create financial freedom on their own terms. 

She holds an extraordinary vision for women’s financial liberation and empowerment and has created her unique “Feminine Financial Freedom Formula” to accelerate stunning results for her clients. I recommend working with her to be catalyzed, activated and championed into your financial destiny and greatest contribution.

Claire Zammit

Ph.D. Founder, The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership

When it comes to engaging, inspiring, and mobilizing audiences into action, experience matters. With a legacy of decades in public speaking and a deep understanding of women's financial empowerment, I am your go-to keynote speaker.

My keynotes are more than speeches; they are transformative experiences. I know how to ignite meaningful conversations, leaving your audience with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools to achieve financial prosperity.

As a thought leader in women's money, wealth, and prosperity, I bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to your event. Whether you're hosting a conference, seminar, or workshop, my insights and strategies will resonate with your audience, driving them toward financial empowerment.

Make your event unforgettable by booking me as your keynote speaker. Contact me today, and let's inspire and empower your audience together.

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  • Women Rocking Business Featured Speaker
  • New Media Summit
  • Claire Zammit’s mastermind group
  • Radiance Business Conference
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast
  • Compass Rose Women’s Summit
  • Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

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Discover the precise mindset adjustments that have empowered countless successful women, just like yourself, to conquer financial anxieties and stresses, enabling you to flourish in your entrepreneurial journey.

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